Child Hunger in China

Child Hunger in China


Child Hunger in China


China experienced the largest economic growth since 1979. However, it is still considered a developing country, of which part of the reason is widespread wealth disparity and massive malnutrition. (Perez, 2016)There are 56 million people in rural areas live in poverty, and 186 million people are vulnerable to natural disasters.(World Food Program, 2019) There are still estimated 134 million people facing hunger, and 133.8 million people in China that are considered undernourished which is 9.3% of its population. (UNICEF, World Health Organization, and World Bank, 2012)Most of those that suffer hunger are women, children and elderly people from rural regions.

Almost 150.8 million people are malnourished. Study shows that rates of 9.4 percent for stunting in children, 19.6 percent for anemia and 25 percent for overweight represent significant national and global burdens. (World Food Program, 2019) Estimated 12.7 million stunted children, which is 10% of all children across the country. (World Hunger, 2019)

While China has almost eliminated urban poverty, with only 1.6 percent of the urban population living under the minimum income line set by the government, much of the rural population has yet to see the benefits of growth. Out of 88 million children aged six to 15 in the poorest rural areas, around a third suffer from anaemia because of a lack of iron. (Economist, 2014) Nearly half of China’ s 1.3 billion people live in rural areas. More than 70 million of rural residents live on less than a dollar a day. Although most rural children receive enough calories to survive, the problem of malnutrition in China is a question of nutrients. (Perez, 2016)

In some Western provinces, it is even more serious. Up to 51 percent of children between the ages of eight and twelve suffer from anemia in provinces such as Qinhai. 56 percent of children under five years of age stunting in Guizhou.(FAO, 2010)

Hidden hunger which refers to a lack of vitamins and minerals is also a problem in China. China is one of the countries in the world facing the most severe challenge of hidden hunger. (People’s Daily,2018) Ten million children under the age of six suffer from nutritional deficiency.  (People’s Daily,2018)


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